Washington International Flight Academy (WIFA) is the premiere flight school in the greater Washington D.C. metro area. Operating since 1989, WIFA has helped to train thousands of pilots --from hobbyists to 777 Captains. 


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The Washington International Flight Academy (WIFA) is the premiere flight school in the greater Washington-DC metro area. We have been operating out of the Montgomery County Airpark in Gaithersburg, MD since 1989 and have trained thousands of pilots from hobbyists to 777 Captains. 


Whether you're a student with plans to become a commercial pilot or an individual that wants to take up flying for fun, we have the staff and instructors ready to take your dreams to new heights!


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This is the primary course for anyone interested in learning how to fly. The student will learn the basics of flight maneuvers, as well as navigation and aeronautical decision making. The course includes flight and ground instruction from an FAA certified flight instructor.


As a qualified Private Pilot Single Engine an individual is licensed to fly all manner of single engine aircraft up to 12,500 lbs. The license is valid for both day and night flying. A Private Pilot may carry passengers with no distance limitations, however they may not do so for pay or other commercial purposes.





The Commercial Pilot training course involves a significant step forward in an aviators career and capabilities. As a Commercial Pilot an aviator will be able to fly aircraft for compensation. With the addition of an Instrument Rating a pilot with a Commercial License can fly unlimited distances for hire both during the day and at night. The skills and certification acquired during this course are essential for any pilot who aspires to work in the aviation industry. The skill set learned is also of significant value to any pilot who wishes to improve their aviation abilities.





A Multi-Engine Add-On license is available to both Private and Commercial pilots. 

The addition of a Multi-Engine License allows a pilot to expand their flying experience to larger, more powerful aircraft. Mastering the additional speed and complexity of a Multi-Engine aircraft demonstrates a significant level of aviation capability. Multi-Engine experience is required for nearly all airline job applicants



Throughout the Instrument Pilot course the student will learn the skills necessary to fly an aircraft under instrument flight rules (IFR). This entails learning to fly the aircraft solely by reference to instruments. The student will acquire the necessary skills to fly the aircraft in the clouds as well as under air traffic control (ATC) guidance.


As an instrument rated pilot, an airmen is capable of flying in a multitude of different weather scenarios. Having this rating opens significant options for a pilot who wishes to advance their flight experience and/or careers. The skills learned during this course are an integral part of becoming an accomplished airmen and will significantly improve the flight capabilities of any pilot.




Certified Flight Instructor training courses are available to Commercial Pilots who wish to become instructors. During these courses applicants will receive extensive ground instruction in the subjects necessary for instructing future pilots for the Private pilot, Instrument rating or Multi Engine ratings. Subject matter includes in-depth aviation material in the areas of aerodynamics, meteorology, federal regulations, and more. Applicants will also receive instruction in the area of Fundamentals of Instruction. They will be introduced to the subjects of the learning process, barriers to learning, effective communication, and teaching methods. Applicants will learn necessary skills to apply these subjects to aviation instruction.





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7940 Airpark Road
Gaithersburg, MD 20879

Email: info@learntoflydc.com
Tel:  (240) 246-7529

Discovery Flight: (240) 261-4425


8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Monday - Sunday


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